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You were right here all the time, I was blind.
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"…and the conclusion that I’ve drawn is that you are dangerous." 

Ok so let’s talk about Bedelia Du Maurier and how she was the smartest person on this show. Bedelia was the only one who ever understood the mask Hannibal wore and like the best of people, she never looked underneath out of respect - learning only what he wanted to share. But after their last session and his manipulation of her, she unravels his human suit and sees the pattern.

He had orchestrated her attack. He had done it to her, and by default, had done it to Will Graham. So she became the wild card, finally revealing how unpredictable the traumatised could be in their efforts to survive. First she ends her patient relationship with Hannibal in his office - leaving him unaware that she had packed up her home. She then closes her involvement with his investigation, removing herself from from Hannibal’s deck, and finally, she takes Hannibal’s hand and shows it to Will Graham.

Bedelia tells Will that she feels like she knows him, but he says she doesn’t and she responds, "No, I don’t - But I understand you better than I thought." Because they had been the same card in Hannibal’s game at one point. So she tells him, "You can survive this happening to you," because she had. And for the first time, the scale is tipped. 

But it isn’t until the very last scene when Hannibal goes to murder her that we see just how well Bedilia knew him. She didn’t simply anticipate his move and depart, she left her perfume bottle out for him to smell as a parting gift. It was her goodbye to him, because anything less, would have been considered rude.

And that’s when Bedelia Du Maurier stopped surviving Hannibal Lecter, and beat him, and he smiled. 

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Oh hunger, I know you well

My cruel friend is a funeral bell

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Gif Battle | Peterhale & Sterec : [ Teen Wolf Genre Swap → Horror Show

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"The fire which seems extinguished often slumbers beneath the ashes."

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In a world were human’s are now an endangered species and werewolves have taken over, a resistance is forming. When Peter Hale, a high ranking general in one of the most powerful werewolf packs, learns of the resistance, he sends his nephew, Derek, to infiltrate their camp and bring them down from within. Derek is more than up to the task, ready to prove himself to his uncle and their pack. What Derek wasn’t expecting was to grow to admire the resilience of the humans and their will to fight and live. And he definitely wasn’t expecting to fall for their second in command - the loud, obnoxious, sarcastic, smart, witty, and gorgeous - Stiles Stilinski or that Stiles might just return his affection. What will happen when Stiles discovers Derek is the very creature he’s been raised to hate? Will Derek betray his own pack to save the human he was never supposed to care for? Could their love be the very thing so desperately needed to bring together two warring factions and end a decades old feud?

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